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island lamps

: fall 2022

Made in collaboration with Clay Brown (ID) and Chris Cooley (MDes), Island Lamps are handmade tabletop lamps inspired by Cincinnati history.

the task

As a part of a collaborative studio class, students of several design majors formed groups of 3-4 and developed an original product to create and sell.
I joined forces with an industrial designer and a masters student, and as three Cincinnati natives, we were inspired by local history.

Cincinnati’s ‘island lights’ were installed by the city throughout the 19th century to indicate raised areas of the road and have become well-loved but not well-maintained. We sought out to create a tabletop lamp influenced by these lights but with a more minimalistic, modern design. 


To gather more information on interest in home lighting, we surveyed 36
participants of varying ages and occupations. These responses helped us to
lean into a more mid-century inspired design that provides adequate light
to a room. 


brand exploration

packaging design


final products!